Linux is all about working with text files. There are so many utilities to work with text files and they are all somehow relevant. They all have advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used text tools are more and less. They are both file pagers. And when I say file pagers, then I mean a program that helps you to read the contents of a text file. Both utilities are useful to read long text files.

If a text file is not that long, you are probably better off using cat. command.

more was the original file pager. Then, less was developed to offer some more advanced features. As a reaction to that, more was developed a little bit more. But still, to do more, you should use less. 🤔

less allows you to browse forwards and backward in a file, and for some unknown reasons more still can't do that. And that's the reason I like to use less instead of more when I dabble in the Linux command line.

Seriously, more is doing less. To do more use less.